As a mama, we’re one of the most important persons in our children’s lives. Which is both sweet and a bit scary, right? Let the Lord be with us!

While it’s one of the greatest feelings to be so most important in someone’s life, what’s more important to me is making sure that they are witnessing me do my very best to honor God and develop the gifts He’s given me. I pray that they are comforted by and watch me comfort and communicate with wisdom, patience, and kindness.

The scariest part of parenting, especially holding the title of  “Mom”, is the thought of somehow "ruining" your children. I’m terrified. Am I the only one? Terrified that they have inherited my worst attributes, terrified that that one horrible day will be seared so deeply into their core memories that their outlooks in life will be colored by anger and despair rather than joy. I wonder if  my homebody personality will cause them to fear adventure and detest social activities. I mean, the list could go on and on, full of the million and one ways I could jack my kids up. But, I rarely go on tangents about what I’m doing to build them up and raise them well.

Mamas, it’s very true that how we live our lives directly affects our children, but we aren’t the Master Planners of their lives. There are just certain things we shouldn’t worry about when we believe the Lord to be who He is. I mean, we still have to own responsibility for our actions, but we have to allow God the room to nurture the fruits of His Spirit that are ripening in our lives. We aren’t perfect and without the Lord we’d truly ruin our children. But, it is the Lord who has shaped our children and planned their lives out. That outburst over the spilled milk and the lost shoe will work together for everyone’s good and for the glory of the Lord somehow, at just the right time. The Lord is good in that way.

As we lead our children to Christ, the worst of days and the best of days will teach our little images of Christ to seek, serve, and worship Him. And, even on our best Jesus teaching day, we aren’t the ones who ultimately open our babes’ eyes to His goodness. God himself does that.

So, Mamas…. Let's stop beating ourselves up about what we should leave in the Lord’s hands and begin enjoying our kids! Enjoying their clutter and chaos, twirling in their curiosity and spontaneity, graciously guiding and disciplining them. Let’s continue delighting in Christ and allow our children to be first row witnesses to freedom in the Lord without all of the crazy pressure of perfection. Our children will see us living life fueled by faith versus a life bound by a checklist. Could we give them anything better?

Alaina is a wife and mom of fraternal twin girls. She writes about how life over at her blog, Unashamedgrowth, and gives glimpses into her day over on Instagram.

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