I love Thursday mornings. It's the day after our evening counseling sessions on Wednesday nights. One month ago my husband, Ed, and I decided we needed a little additional wisdom as we navigate the ebbs and flows of marriage, parenting, working full-time, teenagers, elementary kiddos, and ministry. We are now four weeks into our counseling adventure.

We have begun to see a bit of refreshment for our weary souls. We wake up on Thursdays with fresh perspective and tools in our tool-belt to help us invest in this very important relationship of family.

And at 6:00am on Thursday mornings we get AMPLE opportunity to test-out what we learned from our counselor the night prior. One particular Thursday we were greeted by a few grumpy-cherubs as they arose from their slumber. They did not desire for the sun to greet them this early.  The rays of sunshine were complete irritations for their little souls.

I adored winking at my hubs, as if to say "I-GOT-THIS" and tried out a few of our new techniques we had learned the previous evening.

Our dawning of the day was actually a smooth, wink-filled morning.

"MOM! She.."

"MOM! I forgot..."

"MOM! Can you..."

Check, check, check... the peace was kept; nurture was given and most importantly: Mama and Daddy didn't lose their junk!

Mamas, counseling is WHERE-IT'S-AT! It has given us a third party to help speak truth and life into our family. And my gosh, do we need strategic people in our lives to help nurture our marriages, raise these little people and impact this world for good.

Biblical guidance and counseling helps spur us on towards love and good deeds. The new perspective, biblical truth and tools in our tool belts that counseling brings are well worth the effort, time and co-pay.

Helpful information and truth in this journey is precious and valuable as we navigate these little hearts towards Christ.


Susan is Wife to Ed and Mama to three courageous kids from Ethiopia. Susan blogs about life, kids, ministry, Church, adoption, marriage and anything else that moves her heart or crosses her thoughts. She loves connecting with other Moms on her blog ( Facebook or on Instagram: @SusanWanderer



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