Sisters… where are ya?

Can I get a ‘me, too, sister?’ Am I the only woman who has children latched onto their hips, tries to keep their house mildly clean? Who has to feed and clean and work all while trying to look like they’re holding it all together ….. without looking like they’re trying to hard. I KNOW I’m not the only one who needs rest.

Between the magazines at checkout with the gorgeous woman on the cover, to Instagram perfect squares we scroll through and drool over, or that mama who always looks so seriously perfect….. and, let’s be real, when looking in the mirror, we can easily feel as if we don’t measure up in some way.
Sidebar: Let’s all together thank the Lord for the small shops who are helping us embrace and celebrate motherhood. Those of us who throw our hair up in a bun, toss on a t-shirt that will be covered in kid goop, and tights so we can pass out crackers, squeezie pouches, and sippy cups all day…. while looking insanely cute. You are loved deeply. Amen.
Motherhood is fun, the tees are cute, but my God I’m actually tired. And, I’m tired of  the pressure to be a cute mom while being so tired. I’m literally ready to cry in the corner. As life would have it, you probably are, too. And, you may just judge yourself as harshly as I judge myself.
If you do anything else besides mothering (such as breathing), you’re juggling more than a little bit. And, we can easily feel inadequate when we compare our best efforts against another’s.

Mama, I want to fiercely yet gently encourage you to cover yourself in grace.
Remember that you are shaped exactly the way our faultless Father intended you to be.
Gifted in ways that are meant to glorify our Lord and impact your family best.
Instead of allowing comparison to sneak in and deny us the friendship of another sister in Christ because of what she looks  like, let’s come along side each other to support, encourage, and teach one another. Life isn’t supposed to be lived in isolation and we battle the enemy best shoulder to shoulder with our sisters.
How about we go back to our Brownie days and relive the Girl Scout rule of the buddy system. You always had a friend with you in the event something were to happen. You probably shared hard things with her, laughed and kept each other company when needed. You supported each other and did a snippet of life with her. Mama, I’d encourage you to find a buddy to do life with, to come along side you and learn with.  Maybe there’s a sister you’ve needed to reach out to or lean into just a little more. If you don’t have one, ask the Lord for a friend to pray with. Someone you can trust, build and share with, and to glean wisdom from. He’s faithful to provide what you so deeply need.



Alaina Mayes is a twin mama living in the great state of Texas! You can find shared pieces of her heart over on her blog,, and little snippets of life on her Instagram, @amayes.

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