Seasons of Motherhood

The other day I was chatting {and by chatting I mean Facebook messaging} with a friend I haven’t seen or chatted with in YEARS.  We lived near one another when I had three babies under the age of three. While her youngest was the same age as my youngest her older boys were a few years ahead of my own, so you know her boys thought mine were babies, but still they played so sweetly with them so their mama and I could stay sane.

We were catching up on life and I asked about her kids, she told me how her boys are nearly as big as she is now and how they can share shoes, I bemoaned the fact that I was almost there and that my baby was no longer a baby.  Then she said {typed} something that really made me think.  She said that she was entering the mentor stage of motherhood and that was her jam, more so than the baby stage, so she was excited to see her kids getting bigger and becoming their own people.

It kind of blew my mind and I thought about it all night….

Y’all the baby stage is my jam, it’s my glory, people call me the baby whisperer and I love that. I am so good at babies! Which is why I am mourning my little ones growing up; because I am terrified.

I am leaving the stage that I know I am good at and I am entering the stage that I know I will struggle with.

Do you know what that means?

That means I have to depend on God more. That means His glory not mine. That means questions that I don’t have the answers too (insert spastic wailing here).

I am about to enter the mentor stage of mom life and I am scared, I am so scared.

2 Timothy 1:7

For God gave us not a spirit of fearfulness; but of power and love and discipline.

FEAR is not from God. I am afraid because I am (and have been) relying on my own strength and now I am entering a season outside of my strengths.

I have to trust that God will equip me for the challenge, I have to trust that God stands in the gap where I will surely fall short. I have to know that God has a plan and a purpose for me and for the children He brought to life through me and for me.

I just have to trust.
Have blind faith.
Hand over my fear.  

Mamas, that work is going to be hard, but it is absolutely necessary.  I can’t go around wishing my children back to babies. That will never happen.  My kids are going to keep growing. The things that they need from me are going to keep changing. All I can do is love them the best that I can and know that God will equip me and them for the rest.

Do you have a season of motherhood that is your favorite? Do you think it’s coming or it has already past?


Amber is mama to 4 and the founder of Beautiful and Beloved-an online global marketplace selling items crafted by survivors of modern slavery.  You can find her getting real about freedom and healing and loving well over on Instagram @beautifulandbeloved


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