Let Them Hear Them


We are at a crossroads of activity choices for my daughter. If she decides to continue in gymnastics, it is a major increase in commitment. Or, if she decides to continue in dance, it is a major increase in commitment. Either way – one has to go. There is simply no time to do both.

Seems like such a silly problem to have, but it has pulled at the heartstrings of my girl quite a bit. She doesn’t know what to choose. Her heart loves both and she loves different things about each activity. And while obviously we are not pushing one or the other, and we have told her she can always try one next year and go back to the other if she decides to change, she is taking it very seriously.

In the midst of this, it has allowed some real intentional, soul-stirring conversations about what she feels like she is good at, what she feels like God made her talented in, and what her passions are. (and no, it’s never too early to start talking about passions with our kiddos – God put gifts in them since they were forming in the womb, and it is our job to draw those out in them!). It has also sparked some sweet talks about asking the Lord what she is supposed to do next year. We have discussed time and hours, considering family time and school time and meal time. It’s been great to think about as a family, and great to involve her.


This past week, as we have needed to start making decisions, the most beautiful thing has happened. In her heart-felt angst about this big decision (a “big” decision to a little girl!), she decided to take all the information we have been discussing, and asked if we could all just pray and see what the Lord said about it. She wanted His input into her life decision. She wanted His leading.

And He answered! He gave her some clear leading and prompting in her heart. It was so neat to see, that after all the processing we did together with her, she still decided to take it to the Lord and follow His voice.

This was such a powerful moment for me as a mom. A reminder of several things…that it is good to involve our children in decisions and give them all the information that is appropriate for them to know. That there is value in calling out the gifts and talents in our children, and helping them realize those too. It reminded me that I have a responsibility to guide my children to ask the Lord themselves for answers. And most of all…it reminded me that He talks to them too, and not just to us adults.

Like it has been said, there is no “Junior” Holy Spirit. God can and will lead our little ones in the way they should go, and when we give them the space to ask God for what they need…we get to witness the peace that comes to their hearts when He answers!

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