Being a parent can be an extremely difficult and trying season. We are stretched thin - emotionally, physically and spiritually. Finding ways to be intentional can cause us to shift our minidset from surviving to thriving.



If God needs to take time to rest, don’t you think moms do too? Unfortunately, most moms run on empty because they don’t take the proper time to rest and refresh their souls in the way that God has modeled for us.


We were not made to do life alone - and we shouldn’t try to. God created us for community, but motherhood can be extrememly isolating. We love hearing women say “let’s do life together,” because it really does take a village.



Motherhood is messy and oftentimes ugly. The behind-the-scenes doesn’t look as pretty as the curated images we see in the world. It’s when we learn to embrace the messes and chaos that we see motherhood in a new light.


We believe that...


Mothering is a valuable and important calling of God

A relationship with Jesus is essential for walking out our calling as moms

The Bible is the inspired word of God, and it contains the truth we desperately need to live out our calling as moms.

Perfect mothering doesn't exist and isn't attainable. Jesus did perfect on our behalf.

No mom should ever have to go it alone. We need to encourage one another daily.

It's important for every mom to seek God in knowing the best way to raise her children and serve her family.  His Spirit and His Word holds the best advice and the most sound wisdom.

Living in transparency with one another reminds us that we all fall short and are in need of God's grace.